mSim toolbox is a suite of Matlab functions which are primarily used to simulate non-point source pollution in Groundwater aquifers using finite element methods.

The current version of mSim does the following:

  1. Solves the steady state groundwater flow equation in 1-2-3 dimensional space.
  2. Computes streamlines using Range-Kutta 45.
  3. Solves the 1D advection – dispersion equation.

In addition mSim provides a number of functions which assist with the pre/post-processing tasks involved in finite element simulations as well as functions which are used in the non-point source modeling such as convolution functions, distribution of particles around wells and streams etc.

For the mesh generation mSim uses the Gmsh software. However Gmsh can be used under the framework of mSim. Practicaly one need only to install the Gmsh and provide the path to the executable. The mesh can be generated entirely within mSim.

For complex visualizations we recommend either Paraview or Visit. mSim can write data to vtk format.

The software is written almost entirely in Matlab and the majority of the functions are portable to Octave without any modifications. However there are very few functions which are written in the new style of Matlab classes which is currently not supported by Octave.

There are also few functions written in C/C++ which are called by other Matlab/Octave functions to speed up few time consuming computations.

A help menu is also provided with few tutorials. The best way to access the tutorial is via the Matlab help menu.


 If you use mSim please cite the following reference:

Kourakos, G., and Harter, T., (2014), Vectorized simulation of groundwater flow and streamline transport. Environmental Modelling & Software 52, 207-221.