Compilation guides

One of the most common problems for linux starters and inexperienced programmers is not only how to write a piece of code to do a certain task, but how to compile the code that is based on a particular library. Now if you intend to combine few libraries under the same program things are getting harder.

This list here provides few examples about the compilation processes of various libraries I have used in the past.

Compiling & Building c++ application with Hdf5
A guide to Compile Parflow (Ubunty only)
Compile C++ pgojects with OpenSceneGraph
Compile code based on CGAL
Compile Trilinos



If you look into the above posts you will soon find out why I started writing about compilation.

However since I first wrote about it, things have changed a lot. To be honest, I no longer attempt to build libraries as I mention above.

Instead I use vcpkg when developing for windows and Spack when developing for linux/clusters. With both systems, building any library and their dependencies is a matter of write few lines of code. Yet, from time to time there is a need for troubleshooting but you don’t get even close to the frustration of doing everything on your own.

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