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Returns a structure with fields the required options for particle tracking

Version : 1.0

Author : George Kourakos


web :

Date 09-May_2013

Department of Land Air and Water

University of California Davis





No input arguments


opt: A structure with the following fields

(Default values are in parentheses)

Knodes (1) : flag 0-> K values defined on elements, 1-> Kvalues defined of nodes -1 K is one uniform value

Nal (1000) : Allocation size for the particles

search (50) : This parameter is used only once in the simulation. To identify the element id we compute the minimum distance of the particle and the barycenter of search elements

bed_corr (false) : This flag impose that no particles should exit from the bottom Note: that when true value is used, the local velocity field artificially changes so that particles do not exit from the bottom

ploton (0) : For debuging only. 0: no plotting, 1: plots the particle positions only 2: plots also the elements

step (5) : initial step

minstep (5) : minimum allowable step

errmin (0.01) : if the error is smaller the step doubles (Used only in RK45)

errmax (0.1) : if the error is larger half the step or use minimum step

method (RK45) : So far its the only option

pornodes (-1) : 0-> porosity defined on elements 1-> porosity defined of nodes -1-> porosity is one uniform value

Ngen (15) : when exiting on element how many neibor element shoud search to find the id of the current element

maxstep (0.5) : times the maximum diagonal of the current element

stall_times (100) : If the streamline has not expanded after stall_times steps then quit

freqplot (10) : This will allow plotting every freqplot steps.

mode (vect) : other options are 'cpp' and 'serial'

el_type (1) : 1-> trianlge, 2-> quadrilateral

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