Mesh Generation

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For the mesh generation, mSim uses the Gmsh mesh generator. Gmsh has its own user interface, however mSim takes advantage of the Gmsh scripting capabilities.

In general there are many ways to describe the geometry of a domain. Here we assume that the geometry is written in shapefiles. If the Mapping toolbox is available then one can easily read and write shapefile using the shaperead and shapewrite respectively.

In general the geometry is defined as a struct variable with the following fields:

The following examples demonstrate how to create 2D and 3D meshes using the mSim functions. The workflow in all the examples is the same.

  1. First we describe the geometry of the domain in a shapefile-like structure.
  2. Next we create aCSG geometry object
  3. Then we write the Gmsh input file and create the mesh by running Gmsh
  4. Finally import the mesh into matlab workspace

Optionally we can write the mesh into paraview files for visualization.

The following 4 tutorials cover almost all the possible ways options to generate mesh using mSim

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