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Finds the id of the element that contains a given point. It workds only for 2D Meshes

Version : 1.0

Author : George Kourakos


web :

Date 18-Mar-2014

Department of Land Air and Water

University of California Davis



id = find_elem_id_point(p, MSH, pnt, Nsearch)


p: Mesh node coordinates [ np x 2]

MSH : Mesh [Nel x Nsh]

pnt : coordinates of points to search for their element ids [Np x 2]

Nsearch: The function computes first the barycenters of the elements and checks only the Nsearch closer elements for each point


id: a list of element ids


Create a hypothetical mesh

p = 10*rand(10,2);
MSH = delaunay(p(:,1), p(:,2));

Create 100 random points

pnt = 10*rand(100,2);

Now check the element ids of each point

id = find_elem_id_point(p, MSH, pnt, 5);

For each element plot which points contains and last plot those that they are outside of the mesh

triplot(MSH, p(:,1),p(:,2));
hold on
for i = 1:size(MSH,1)
    plot(pnt(id == i,1), pnt(id == i,2),'.','color',[rand rand rand]);
plot(pnt(isnan(id),1), pnt(isnan(id),2),'.k');

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