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Distributes uniformly the particles around the well screens. Well screens are assumed to be vertical lines defined by x, y, top and bottom elevation of the well screen.

Version : 1.0

Author : George Kourakos

email: giorgk@gmail.com

web : http://groundwater.ucdavis.edu/msim

Date 18-Mar-2014

Department of Land Air and Water

University of California Davis



[xp, yp, zp, id_well] = distribute_particle_wells(wells, opt)


wells: is a structure with the following fields:

X: x coordinate

Y: y coordinate

zt: top elevation of the well screen

zb: bottom elevation of the well screen

opt: is an option structure that passes various options with the following fields:

radius: distance between the released particle and the x,y location of the well

Nl: number of layers

Nppl: Number of particles per layer


xp, yp, zp Coordinates of the initial particle positions

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