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Computes the product B'*K*B in a vectorized fashion, where B are the shape function derivatives. This is used internally by Assemble_LHS

Version : 1.0

Author : George Kourakos


web :

Date 28-Mar-2014

Department of Land Air and Water

University of California Davis



BKB = calcBKB(B, K, opt, ii)


B: [Nel x N_sh^2] contains the contributions of each element to the final conductance matrix

K : [Nel x Nanis] Hydraulic conductiviy element values. The number of columns is defined by the anisotropy. Maximum number is 3.

opt : Structure variable with the following fields

dim : dimension of the elements

el_type : the element type

el_order : the element order

ii : In case of nested assembly this indicates the iteration. In vectorized assembly this is not used


BKB: the product B'*K*B

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