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This function convolutes the unit response function with loading functions.

Version : 1.0

Author : George Kourakos


web :

Date 2-Apr-2012

Department of Land Air and Water

University of California Davis



BTC = ConvoluteURF(URF, LF, mode)


URF: are the unit response functions [Ns x Nt] where Ns is the number of streamlines or in general the number of independent URFs and Nt is the number of discretization steps of the URF.

LF: are the loading functions [Ns x Nt_lf] where Ns is the number of indepedent loading functions and Nt_lf are the number of steps that the loading functions are discretized.

If size(LF,1) == 1 then the same loading function will be convoluted with all URF

IMPORTANT NOTE: The step size in URF and LF must be the same otherwise the results will be wrong.

mode: The recomended mode is the 'cpp'. However if mex or oct are not available the 'vect' option can be used. There is also the 'serial' option for debuging only!

Output data

BTC: The Breakthrough curve that coresponds to convolution of the i URF with the i loading function

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