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Returns a concentration profile for each point in x as function of time t

Version : 1.0

Author : George Kourakos


web :

Date 28-Mar-2014

Department of Land Air and Water

University of California Davis



C = ADE1Danalytical(x, t, v, cf, aL, Dm, lambda, R)


x: points in 1D domain where we want to compute the breakthrough curve

t: times where the concentration will be computed

v: pore velocity i.e. v=V/porosity

cf: Input concentration

aL: Longitudinal dispersion coefficient

Dm: Molecular diffusion coefficient

lambda: Decay constant

R: Retardation factor


C: [NtxNp] matrix where Nt is the number of time steps and Np is the points where we want to compute the breakthrough


In the following example we will compute the breakthrough curve for 200 years of transport along a 10 km path, which is a quite common in non-point source pollution. The velocity is 0.3 m/day. The concentration profiles will be computed at yearly basis.

Dm = 1e-7;
R = 1;
aL = 1000;
cf = 1;
lambda = 0;
x = 1:100:10000;
t = [0:200]*365;
v = 0.3;
C = ADE1Danalytical(x,t,v,cf,aL,Dm,lambda,R);

title ('Concentration profile')
xlabel('x [km]')
ylabel('Time [years]')

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